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Castleton Spartans

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The Spartan Shield Society is committed to supporting Castleton Athletics, through club membership and participation, by funding a comprehensive and diverse athletics program that provides opportunities for student-athletes to develop as individuals and leaders, while promoting a tradition of academic and athletic excellence.


Your gift is an investment in the lives of student-athletes by providing them with the strong foundation and discipline they learn through athletic competition – skills that are essential to achieving success in life. With your support, we are able to create the best environment for our student-athletes to learn, train, and compete. Your gift supports the preparation of our student-athletes prior to games, their performance during the games, and their growth long after the competitions end.

When you invest in Castleton student-athletes, you put them in a position to be at the top of their game on the field and in the classroom. With the ever-increasing cost of competing at the NCAA Division III level, donations from alumni, friends, family, and fans help to ensure that the coaches and student-athletes have everything they need to succeed both on the playing field and off. 


Throughout history the Spartan has been described as persistent, powerful, and uncompromisingly loyal. The shield is a representation of that loyalty, and symbolizes a weapon of protection that was most effective in the phalanx formation, which relied on the strength of many, rather than the force of one. With every member who "grabs their shield" and supports Castleton Athletics, the department and its student-athletes grow stronger, more competitive, and better equipped to succeed.

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