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Castleton Spartans

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Intramural Volleyball Rules 

National Intramural and Recreation Sport Association (NIRSA) rules are in effect with a few modifications. Some additions/adaptations credited to: The Ohio State University Recreational Sports Department
1. Four players may be on the court (two females must be on the court at all times during play)
2. Three players per team are needed at minimum to start the game
Game Format:
1. Best of three sets will be played
2. Teams play to 21 points
3. Pending time, games may play to 15 points
4. Teams must win a game by two points
5. After each game, the team will switch sides of the court
6. In the third game, teams are to switch sides of the court after every 5 points scored
7. Each match has a 45-minute time limit. The team who is ahead during the current game as time expires will win that game.
Field Size:
1. Playing area consists of the volleyball court markings only. If it cannot be determined whether a ball lands “in” or “out”, the rally is cancelled and replayed.
2. Posts are out of play
Game Flow:
1. A coin toss will determine starting logistics: The winner chooses service or to receive. A new coin toss is performed before the third game, if necessary.
2. Service:
a. Must take place behind the end line and between the extensions of the sideline. A player may serve within a yard of the end line on the sand if necessary.
b. Overhand and/or underhand serves are legal
c. Blocking or attacking a served ball is a fault and results in an opponent’s point
3. Contacts:
a. A maximum of three total contacts are allowed on each side; any more results in an opponent’s point. Contacts must be non-consecutive by one individual.
b. Hand-sets, passes, and tips will be allowed in accordance to indoor rules
c. The ball may be hit with any part of the body above the waist
d. Intentional kicking is not allowed
4. Net Play:
a. Play off the net is legal, including serves
b. A player may cross under the net, but may not impede with any opponents or actions of the other team while doing so. The player must make an attempt to return to his/her side as soon as possible.
5. Blocks:
Any player participating in a block can make the next contact; that contact counts as the first of the team’s three hits
6. Substitutions:
a. May occur at any stoppage of play
b. A minimum of two females must be on the court at all times during play
7. Scoring:
1. All scoring is rally scoring
2. Intramural volleyball does not have a mercy rule