Intramural Soccer


General Requirements:

  • Open to all male and female members of the Castleton Community
  • Maximum of 10 players per team
  • Only three male or female varsity soccer players allowed per team.
  • All team names are subject to approval and must not contain language deemed inappropriate. Teams found in violation of this rule, will not be allowed to re-submit rosters.


  • Half Field Spartan Stadium


  • Schedule to be finalized after registration (Sunday-Thursday)



Soccer Rules

1. Play will be 6- on-6 (five field players and a goal keeper) for two (2) twenty-minute halves. The clock will be a running clock and will only be stopped for an injury. Halftime will not exceed five minutes.  
2. A team must have six players to begin play, anything less is a forfeit.  
3. The goalkeeper shall not punt, but may either throw or roll the ball to release their possession of it.  
4. Anyone committing a flagrant foul will get a two-minute penalty.  
5. There will be no sliding or checking, these will result in two-minute penalties, regardless if a goal is scored.  
6. Slide tackles are illegal! - Penalty - Direct kick • (Direct kick - a goal may be scored against the offending team)
7. Penalty kicks will be taken from a mark designated on the field
8. Goal boxes will be designated.  
9. There must be at least one person of the opposite sex on the field for each team at all times.
10. The athletic field will be divided into two sections and boundaries will be designated to allow for two games to take place at the same time.