Intramural 3 vs. 3 Basketball

General Requirements:

  • Open to all male and female members of the Castleton Community
  • Minimum of four players per team
  • Maximum of six players per team
  • All team names are subject to approval and must not contain language deemed inappropriate. Teams found in violation of this rule, will not be allowed to re-submit rosters.


  • SHAPE Gym


  • Schedule to be finalized after registration
  • Season to start TBA


  • Registration must be complete NO LATER THAN 5:00 pm on Oct. 20
  • For more information contact Bo McDougall

    Basketball Rules

1. Each game will be two 15 minute half with a 2 minute intermission. The team only has to win by only one point.  
2. Teams score by either regular two-point baskets, or by three-point shots taken from outside the three-point circle.  
3. After a basket has been scored or a foul called, a player from the team who has been scored on or fouled must put the ball in play from a line past the three point line above the foul key.  
4. All balls out of bounds will be put into play behind the three point line with possession given alternately to each team.  
5. On defensive rebounds or steals, players must return the ball by dribble or pass across the three point line before a basket may be attempted. Once across the line, they do not have to pass the ball before shooting.  
6. After a basket, the team scored upon will put the ball in play.  
7. Fouls will be called using the HONOR SYSTEM by participating players. A foul called in the act of shooting will result in either two or three points being awarded to the team which was fouled, depending on where they were fouled. A non-shooting foul will result in the award of one point to the offended team. There is no bonus situation for fouls.  
8. The three second free throw lane rule will apply to all offensive players.  
9. Substitutions may be made after a basket or an out of bounds play.  
10. There are no time outs.  
11. Time will not be stopped to discuss any call.  
12. If the game ends in a tie after regulation time there will be a best of three free throw shoot out or till a winner is decided. The winner of the shoot out will receive 2 extra points and the win.